it happened.  i turned 32 years old just a couple of weeks ago… i can’t even believe it.  i am so old!

i don’t know what it is about birthday’s though, but i have always loved them!  not so much the ‘happy birthday’ song, that’s a little odd… but the overall excitement that surrounds a birthday is just fun in my opinion.

on my actual day of birth we went to dinner at my new fav restaurant scalessa’s  [again] because i love it and it really is that good!  they have these gorgeous pink flowered trees that line the street in front of the restaurant and ever since danny and i went the week before i was dreaming about getting a little family pic under the pretty blossoms…. but! as my luck would have it, it rained pretty much the entire day and most of the petals made there way to the ground and it was not ideal picture taking weather. don’t worry, that didn’t stop me from forcing this little fam of mine to pose for a picture.  some members of said fam may or may not have been very thrilled. oops.  the girls still made the most of it and threw the petals in the air which made for a really cute pic, but also very itchy eyes. ugh, spring!!

luckily the following weekend it was finally somewhat nice!  a little humid… but no rain, so i’ll take it.  babe and i went to one of our fav places – penns woods winery !! my birthday wish [demand].  if you haven’t been there before you reeeeeeally need to check it out.  the wine is really good – something for everyone, sweet, dry and in between.  & the best part! they have live music on most weekends so you can just sit outside under the trees, overlooking the winery and sip your favorite wine – who wouldn’t like that?!  it was very nice, and relaxing.  a perfect belated birthday weekend with my love.

here’s to making year 32 the best one yet! xo


our easter weekend

i must say that this past weekend was probably one of my most favorites in a while!  holidays normally have a way of doing that, and this easter did not disappoint!  we hosted a little dinner party at our house on good friday and what really made the night special was my poppie was able to come!! he hasn’t been feeling well and leaving the house can be challenging… so having him there was so special.  i just love him so much!  not to mention we had little photoshoots which will go down as one of my all time most fav activities!!! it’s not every day all the girls are together, so when we are it needs to be documented/celebrated!  the only thing missing were maeve and nick who are vacationing with their mom this week (lucky ducks!).

oh!  saturday… we discovered my new most favorite restaurant… scalessa’s … why oh why was this not place in existence when babe and i lived walking distance from there!? ugh, isn’t that the way?  but now it’s just a quick car ride and i plan on visiting it quite frequently because the food was aaaaamazing!!! i am sad i don’t have a picture to document the amazingness that was our dining experience…. next time i’ll take one of those goofy pictures of my food that i catch so many people doing before they start eating… it’s corny… but would have been worth it now looking back!

as i’m typing this i’m realizing just how jam packed this weekend was… there was a weekly donut date with my tiniest bunny, easter egg dying, GOLFING with danny… probably the highlight of his weekend… minus the mother of all blisters he got (poor babe) but the weather!! ohhh the weather!!!!! 87 degrees? no humidity? please and thank you all day every day!! , there was also a pricey trip to iron hill brewery… which started off as a good idea because the weather was gorgeous but as soon as we sat down at our table outside the sun went in and the wind kicked up… WHY!!?!,  seesha and jarratt came over and things got a little wild with music playing/dancing… i may or may not have played my fav fool in the rain one too many times… (sorry about that peeps!)  i woke up monday morning with an interesting search history and some very odd songs downloaded that i now own… ay yi yi… but that must mean we had fun, right?!

this time of year is just my fav! things are warming up, all the trees have pretty blooms (like the one in our front yard…love!), on the negative side my allergies are slapping me in the face which is not fun but such is life.  next up is my birthday where i will be turning 25!!!! (plus 7) …. waaaah!


meet ollie

ollie!  our teeny tiny spunky little ball of kitten fluff.  we rescued this guy a little over two weeks ago and he has quickly taken over our household! a customer of concord pet foods & supplies found him and his two siblings in a basement window well covered in snow [and frost bite… oh my breaking heart!!!] & brought them to the store hoping someone would adopt them.  we took one look at his cute little tiny baby face and could not say no!!  even though i had kind of swore to myself we would never have a cat again… the litter, the destroying of furniture, the cattitude… it’s no bueno but all of that went right out the window pretty darn quickly!

for a week or so we weren’t sure if he was a boy or girl because of how tiny he was… we soon learned he was in fact a boy and the kids really liked the name oliver… so we settled on shortening it to ollie!  however, he may never learn his name because he rarely is referred to by it.  danny insists on calling him “fieri” due to his obsession with guy fieri, i for some reason have just been calling him baby because he’s cute and small like a baby and it just fits… the kids call him “kitten” … this poor cat may never answer to a name!  oh well.. that’s ok, right?

let me just say that lola and the kitten have truly bonded… i never realized how good of a dog lola was until i saw how she treats the kitten!  so patient and gentle… allows him to steal her bed, drink her water… paw her face to death… it’s all love between those two and it.is.so.cute!!!!!

so, it is official – we have a new addition to our crazy clan and i couldn’t be happier [or more obsessed] with him!! ollie baby, you are so loved!  let the crazy cat lady shenanigans begin!


oh hey!  i am pretty embarrassed at myself for going soooo long in between posts! i was all set to dive back into the blog world as if i had never really left it [like the last time] … fail.  life just has a way of leaving no extra time for the fun things!  plenty of time to stress about finances & the never ending to do list though!  ugh.

well, one day last week, on a gorgeous 75 degree february day… yes!!! 75 degrees in february!!! we decided to make some time for said fun things.  adriana & i drove into philadelphia (or “philly-delphia as my sweet little babe calls it)! for some quality time with our seesha which we never seem to get enough of! aside from crazy city traffic, getting there was relatively easy and made me question why i don’t do it more often… we are fortunate with where we live… right outside of philadelphia, a short car/train ride to new york city and washington dc… oh yeah, now i remember… limited time for fun things!

my sister works in a super cute office in center city – she’s so posh these days!  so, we toured her office and then went to lunch.  we wanted to eat outside because hello! 75 degrees outside!! so we settled on this adorable place called little nonna’s.  my goodness, the food was soooo good!!!  the outside seating area was seriously adorable and i already want to go back!  it was fun to watch my little lady be all adult like at the restaurant… i swear she is a city girl at heart!  we walked endless amounts of blocks and not one complaint out of her!  keep in mind when we are at home she can hardly make it around the block without saying she’s “tired of walking!” … on the ride home she told me all of the reasons she could live in ‘phillydelphia’ …

  1. she loves tall buidings with elevators
  2. she likes people and to watch them (me too, sista! and there’s no better place for that then a crowded city!)
  3. there’s “lots of restaurants and places to shop”

…pretty sure she has city life nailed down… aside from it being super expensive and way too far from me!!!

i love my people!! xo

halloween 2016!

ok so, I took what seemed to be a never ending hiatus from this whole blog thing BUT i i think that i am back!  life just got super crazy for a little while there and i never was able to find the time… and when i finally did have the “time” there were 25 other things that needed the attention. ugh, life – i swear!!!  but then one day i randomly clicked on this little blog link of mine through my instagram and smiled as i looked back on all of the past happenings of my said crazy life and realized that i missed it!  so, here goes… blogging round 2.

anyway…. halloween 2016!!!


we had a butterfly fairy princess, a black kitty cat, & marty mcfly! how cute are they?!

as of late in my adult life i have drifted from being a halloween lover…. i mean don’t get me wrong, i love fall and all of the fun, festive activities… but my day of dressing up in halloween costumes is certainly over.  but that doesn’t mean i can’t live vicariously through these 3 little bunnies, right?! right!

this year we didn’t have maeve and nick to trick or treat with…. but we did have school parades!  adriana was with us and this was the first year where she was super into it… from picking the costume (btw pottery barn kids, you are amazing!) to insanely running from door to door… she was all about it!   it was really cute to watch and made walking around in the cold not so bad.  even lola got in on the action… not even against her will!  she was a purple butterfly just like adriana… danny refused to hold her leash but i can’t really say that i blame him… not very “manly”! ha!

1 2 3 4

halloween 2016, you were a good one.  now i just need to get rid of all of the candy that’s in this house because good lord there is a ton…. and considering adriana is super picky with the kind she likes, it leaves A LOT for me to eat & that is just not a good thing.

peace out halloween, hello thanksgiving!!

just us, today

lola park park2 park3 picnic

today is g.o.r.g.e.o.u.s.!!! a little breezy… but can you really complain about a sunny 60 degree day in february?!  i certainly am not!  it has been so nice to open some windows and get the fresh air in (which hasn’t happened since christmas, which is kind of weird considering it shouldn’t have been that warm that day either… also not something i am complaining about!)

we are fortunate enough to live near some really great state parksbellevue being one of my favs!  it’s so pretty with the trees, lake… and usually the place we have our photoshoots! so naturally it was the perfect place for our picnic today… even lola came with us!  the kids had a great time and this little weather tease was just what i needed to help with my normal february funk.

they say march is ‘coming in like a lamb’ this year… soooo happy about that little proverb!

happy sunday!


i saw a quote today… “be in love with your life.  every minute of it.” it made me think… i’m not sure about your life, but loving every minute of it doesn’t always seem to come easy for me.  there is usually so much to stress about! time, money, the list sometimes seems endless.  but then, as i was syncing my phone to my computer all of these pictures popped up before my eyes and i suddenly understood… in between all of the chaos, there are still these sweet moments that are too often taken for granted.   these little blessings that are hidden underneath all the other nonsense that is going on in the world… do not get me wrong, my life is sooo in no way perfect, but i don’t want it to be either!  I am married to the love of my life, we have a beautiful family… we have our good days and bad but at the end of the day, we are happy.  that’s all anyone can really ask for, right?!

IMG_3958 DSC_0658 IMG_5801 IMG_6147 DSC_0052 IMG_6544 IMG_6996 DSC_0107 IMG_7301 IMG_7767 IMG_8077 IMG_2109 IMG_2540 IMG_3045 IMG_3171 IMG_3234


snowy staycay

blizzard2016 blizzard20161 blizzard20162 blizzard20163 blizzard20164 blizzard20165

normally after 24″ of snow (or any snowfall amount for that matter) you would find me complaining and totally over it… but!! i do not have said attitude juuuuuust yet.  which, who even am i saying something like that?!  my skin is dry, my fingers are frozen, and let’s not even talk about my lack of suntan… all things that normally would send me over the ‘i hate winter’ edge! but… not yet. for now i am enjoying the insane amount of snow, the warm, cozy fires my babe has been making, the fort making, and how much adriana is over the moon in love with the snow!!  me, i have never been much of a snow person… but watching that girl make her snow angels and say on repeat how happy she is while playing in it is making me turn the corner… i think… for now anyway… ask me in february if i still love it and my answer may be a bit different!

actually, my answer would probably be different right now if poor danny hadn’t shoveled for 2+ hours this morning… thanks babe!!  i tried to snap a pic of his hard work, but he wasn’t having it… as you can see in the picture above!

nana & i attempted to make our first snowman…. he turned out…. interesting, to say the least. he has been named “stumpy” clearly based on his appearance!  my snowman making skills are in need of some serious help… it’s pretty bad.

there is one thing that i realized this morning (aside from how terrible i am at building snowmen) … that i need to bite the bullet and invest in actual snow boots.  love my hunter boots to death, but they are certainly not made for the snow… which i learned the hard way today because my toes may still be frozen from hours ago! i have my eye on these… love, love, loveeee!

to sum it all up…. thank you winter storm jonas for falling on a weekend, thank you danny for being the best, most adorable curmudgeon husband a girl could ask for, and nana! thank you for making me feel like a kid again with your contagious childish glee!  love love love you two!



this past weekend, after a long hiatus (hiatus meaning give or take 17 years for me!) – babe and i decided to go ice skating!  keep in mind he is pretty much perfection on a pair of skates from all of his years playing ice hockey… me on the other hand… i think i saw a 5 year old or two whizzing past me! i was pretty horrifying, BUT it was still so.much.fun!!

we went to blue cross riverrink winterfest in philadelphia… it was adorable.  outdoor ice skating right on the water… everything was still pretty festive with lights and decor… fire pits, a lodge… it was the perfect place for a date night.  not to mention that danny was pretty much the most perfect date considering his incredible patience with my lack of ice skating skill and his tolerance for the crowd… that man does not enjoy a crowded place!  but!  we had the best time, and i love love trying new things with him.

winterfest skate

sunday was a much needed lazy day… which consisted of grocery shopping, football and me having the worst cold – but, cold aside… it was nice to have a day with a somewhat clear schedule.


oh danny, you make life fun.  i love you!


i really cannot believe that today is the last day of 2015, how did that happen so quickly?!

our year was full of so much excitement… danny & i tied the knot on the beach! someone fiiiiiiinally became potty trained!!! … we vacationed a few times (with the kids and without), celebrated a lot birthdays… (my 30th & babes 35th… eek!),  nick started middle school, nana started preschool and turned 4!! how?! … pop pop & meemaw came to visit us from tucson… there was never a dull moment.

really it was a year full of family… and growing together as one.  there were definitely high points and some low, but the good most definitely outweighed the bad!

i could go on and on and on…. but instead of my rambles, i’ll show you in pictures just how amazing our year was!

2015.1 grammy2015.2 2015.3 2015.4 2015.5 2015.6 2015.7 2015.8 2015.9 2015.10 2015.11 2015.12 2015.13 2015.14 2015.15 2015.16 2015.17 2015.18ocnjpeoplefestivalplp

2015.19 2015.20 2015.21 2015.22 2015.23 2015.24 happybday2015.25thanksgivingbirthdays2015.26christmas

2015… you will always hold a special place in my heart.

i can’t wait to see what 2016 has in store for this sweet little family of mine. xo