meet ollie

ollie!  our teeny tiny spunky little ball of kitten fluff.  we rescued this guy a little over two weeks ago and he has quickly taken over our household! a customer of concord pet foods & supplies found him and his two siblings in a basement window well covered in snow [and frost bite… oh my breaking heart!!!] & brought them to the store hoping someone would adopt them.  we took one look at his cute little tiny baby face and could not say no!!  even though i had kind of swore to myself we would never have a cat again… the litter, the destroying of furniture, the cattitude… it’s no bueno but all of that went right out the window pretty darn quickly!

for a week or so we weren’t sure if he was a boy or girl because of how tiny he was… we soon learned he was in fact a boy and the kids really liked the name oliver… so we settled on shortening it to ollie!  however, he may never learn his name because he rarely is referred to by it.  danny insists on calling him “fieri” due to his obsession with guy fieri, i for some reason have just been calling him baby because he’s cute and small like a baby and it just fits… the kids call him “kitten” … this poor cat may never answer to a name!  oh well.. that’s ok, right?

let me just say that lola and the kitten have truly bonded… i never realized how good of a dog lola was until i saw how she treats the kitten!  so patient and gentle… allows him to steal her bed, drink her water… paw her face to death… it’s all love between those two and!!!!!

so, it is official – we have a new addition to our crazy clan and i couldn’t be happier [or more obsessed] with him!! ollie baby, you are so loved!  let the crazy cat lady shenanigans begin!

obsessed: beach bag essentials


1. not your mother’s beach babe texturizing sea salt spray: i am new to this product and absolutely looooovee it!! my hair is naturally curly (aka a frizzy mess) and the salty air makes it even crazier than usual.  this spray manages to keep it under control and gives my hair the ‘day at the beach’ look that i am going for.  not to mention it is super affordable… which makes it even better!

2. hawaiian tropic lip balm: i must admit that this was an impulse buy while in line at target and it is one that i do not regret…(unlike my normal impulse buys..i.e. bag of doritos, swedish fish etc)  in the past my lips always manage to burn when using regular chapstick or lip gloss and it is beyond uncomfortable… but that is a thing of the past now, thank goodness! spf 45 for lips? i’m in!

3. chug mug: perfect for any drink (my personal beach fav, margarita’s!!)  this little gem keeps its contents cold for a while and is totally adorable. way to go victoria’s secret, you never disappoint!

4. the ultimate happiness prescription by deepak chopra on the nook: i am not a huge “book” person… i never really have been.  my attention span is limited and it was just never my thing.  however, it has become a much more pleasant activity for me with the nook! not to mention i am really loving this book… i am trying so hard not to read any more so that i can save it for my days on the sand… but it is not easy!  it’s a good one!

5. wireless bluetooth speaker: a couple years back danny made this purchase, and it has really come in handy!  we take this little thing everywhere… pool, beach, outside on the patio… it’s perfect. it doesn’t take up much space and provides really good sound.  love!

6. bug spray: because no matter where i am or the time of the year… if there is a bug, it will find me.  it’s been this way since i was a child! i walk from the front door to the car and i manage to get bit by something… the beach is no exception!  i prefer this kind because it doesn’t smell horrid and keeps me bite free, for the most part!

7. banana boat ultramist deep tanning oil: this spray!! it is the best.  allows for a perfect tan without the sticky, oily residue.  plus it smells good! i am fortunate enough to not really burn too much… unless it is my first time in the sun for the season, then i get a little crispy… but after that i am golden (literally) and this spray helps make that happen!

my bag used to consist of all things “kid” as well as all of my own stuff… which made for a heavy, overworked bag… but now they each have their own little beach bag and load it up with all of their essentials… like 10 different snacks and toys.  ah my cute little peeps, i love them! & poor babe… lugging the huge cooler… he’s the best!


find your balance

i think i am a little late to the party, but i recently learned about lokai bracelets and fell in love with the meaning behind them.

i feel that i am constantly struggling with trying to find and maintain a sense of harmony in my life.  there always seems to be something to stress over or worry about, it makes it very hard to find a common ground where there is peace. my search for harmony has lead me to the realization that for every low point in my life, there have been just as many, if not more, high points. that is just what is symbolized by the lokai bracelet. it reminds us that while sometimes we hit lows, we must remain hopeful. similarly, during those times when we are on top of the world we must remain humble.


these bracelets were developed by steven izen after his grandfather was diagnosed with alzheimer’s, the lokai bracelet brings its wearer a sense of balance. it is infused with elements sourced from the highest point on earth, water from mt. everest, and the lowest point on earth, mud from the dead sea. the white bead containing the water, and the black bead containing the mud are separated by a string of clear beads which signifying life’s circular journey.

it is so easy to define life as either a high or a low.  things often seem to feel really great or really bad. the lokai bracelet, for me, serves as a reminder that no matter at which extreme you find yourself, you should always search for some sort of balance.  when i see the white bead, i think of all of the things in life that i have to be grateful for, and all of the amazing moments i have experienced in my life.  i look at the black bead and see all of the lowest, most stressful, lonesome points in my life.  i am learning to appreciate them both… because without the high moments and the low, i wouldn’t be the person that i am today.  every experience has molded me into who i am, and this bracelet is a perfect reminder of that.

friday favorites

a great skincare routine.  everyone has their own routine, products they love, method’s of preserving the youthfulness of their skin… but do all of these creams and treatments really work? can you really zap away fine lines and wrinkles with some obscenely priced anti-aging serum?!  i don’t think you can just magically make them disappear… (unless you go the botox route) but since that is not the answer for everyone, using great products can really make a positive difference!

my grandmother has really great skin… she always has!  and even as she gets older it still remains pretty flawless… i asked her what her secret was and she shared her routine with me.  she started when she was 30 and has continued every day since!  (however, she did used to use a mary kay cleanser… but switched to clinique about 30 years ago.)

  1.  no tanning, sunblock always (i died a little inside at this…. because i love the sun, and a good tan!!)
  2. night routine
    1. cleanses her face with clinique facial cleanser
    2. applies elizabeth arden prevage anti-aging overnight cream
    3. applies clinique all about eyes rich
  3. day time routine 
    1. moisturizes with elizabeth arden ceramide capsules
    2. applies clinique moisture surge intense
    3. applies clinique all about eyes rich


makeup counter


she’s so beautiful! i love her!

my routine is a little different… but we do use some of the same products!

  1. night routine 
    1. cleanse face with philosophy purity made simple cleanser
    2. apply clinique youth surge night moisturizer
  2. day time routine
    1. apply clinique dramatically different moisturizing gel
    2. apply clinique moisture surge intense


maybe we are crazy with our routines… but i am all for beautiful skin!

pretty in pink

yesterday my mini and i decided it was a good day to give ourselves a manicure! nana also got the tiniest of all pedicures on her little toes!  i let her pick out the color and luckily she chose pink… normally it’s purple… cute on her, not so much on me.  and of course she insisted that we matched, fine by me… i love all things twin!

it wasn’t exactly easy to keep her still the entire time, also she wanted to know if they were dry immediately after applying the polish… so we had a couple do over’s, but in the end they turned out fantastic!







she was so beyond thrilled with her painted little nails… it was the cutest thing to see! “we look so buuttteeefuull” she kept saying. melts my heart!  this girl is growing up so fast and changing so much… she is the girliest of all girls and makes me laugh even when she’s driving me crazy… i love you nana girl!


i don’t know about you, but i swear by OPI nail lacquer… it goes on so smooth and has the perfect amount of shine without being too much.  the color we are wearing is shorts story, love it!

obsessions: my current favorites

loved items

1. handmade leather bag: from mission lazarus. words can’t describe how much i love this bag! it is no secret that i have always loved large purses… so when i found this little gem i couldn’t resist! it has a lot of inside pockets which make it great for carrying all of the many things that a parent is forced to have on hand at all times.  it is perfection!

2. little gold book by kate spade: this notebook is the perfect little size to fit oh so perfectly into one of the pockets of my bag! i use it to write down anything and everything… from quotes that i love to grocery lists.  plus it’s gold and shiny and who doesn’t love that?

3. clinique moisture surge: i am not sure about you, but in the winter my skin takes a beating from the cold temperature’s and the wind!  i use this moisturizer under my make up each morning and it leaves my skin feeling like silk… no more dry skin for me, take that winter!

4. hunter boots: love, love.  whether it’s snow or rain, these boots are perfect. and with the gross weather we have been having here lately, they have really been getting a lot of use. i bought a pair of boot socks to go with them and if possible it made me love them even more!

5. hempz body lotion: i can’t get enough of this stuff! it smells delicious and leaves my skin so smooth. it is a keeper for sure.

6. purity facial cleanser: this cleanser is amaze!! it get’s even the toughest mascara off and makes my skin feel so nice. not only that but a little goes a long way… and that counts when things are not cheap!


top this list off with lazy sunday’s with my babe, coffee and netflix and then we are really talking about some favorite things!

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