i really cannot believe that today is the last day of 2015, how did that happen so quickly?!

our year was full of so much excitement… danny & i tied the knot on the beach! someone fiiiiiiinally became potty trained!!! … we vacationed a few times (with the kids and without), celebrated a lot birthdays… (my 30th & babes 35th… eek!),  nick started middle school, nana started preschool and turned 4!! how?! … pop pop & meemaw came to visit us from tucson… there was never a dull moment.

really it was a year full of family… and growing together as one.  there were definitely high points and some low, but the good most definitely outweighed the bad!

i could go on and on and on…. but instead of my rambles, i’ll show you in pictures just how amazing our year was!

2015.1 grammy2015.2 2015.3 2015.4 2015.5 2015.6 2015.7 2015.8 2015.9 2015.10 2015.11 2015.12 2015.13 2015.14 2015.15 2015.16 2015.17 2015.18ocnjpeoplefestivalplp

2015.19 2015.20 2015.21 2015.22 2015.23 2015.24 happybday2015.25thanksgivingbirthdays2015.26christmas

2015… you will always hold a special place in my heart.

i can’t wait to see what 2016 has in store for this sweet little family of mine. xo

farewell, summer…

sad but true… it is time to say adios to my favorite season. sure, it may be filled with days of insanely high humidity, mosquito’s and sunburns… but the good things still out weigh the bad. such as, the beach!! ah! sandy toes and salty air – love x’s 1,000,000!!! it’s light outside until almost 9pm, flip flops, no heavy jackets and shivering… sun tans! everyone looks better with a tan, it’s just the way it is.  i could really go on and on but then i will just depress myself further!

i will say there are some things about fall that i adore… apple smelling candles, the crisp [but not frigid!!] air, football, hockey!, introducing boots back into the fashion rotation, and of course thanksgiving. the problem is, we typically never get a real fall around here anymore it seems… it goes from 89 degrees down to 40 without any in between… prettyyyy annoying if you ask me!

here is a look back at our summer of 2015 – memorial day through labor day … we managed to fit so much into a [too] short amount of time!

summer15 summer152 summer153 summer154 summer155 summer156 summer157 summer158 summer159 summer1510 summer1511 summer1512 summer1513 summer1514 summer1515 summer1516 summer1517 summer1518 summer1519 summer1520 summer1521 summer1522 summer1523 summer1524 summer1525 summer1526 summer1527 summer1528

oh summer, you will so be missed!!!!

summer happenings… as of late

graduation libraryweddingpoppielunchkidspizzabellevuemaeveadrianaso far the month of june so far has been pretty eventful!  nicky graduated from 5th grade!  there have been numerous library visits, a beautiful wedding, some nana & poppie bff time [they are seriously adorable together!! heart – melt.], dates with my mini at starbucks, beach lunch date with my babe, grammy & linda, porch watching thunderstorms, some twinning (love that!), pizza making and then my personal favorite… lakeside photoshooting with my two favorite beauties!  of course there has been so much in between all of that… there really is never a dull moment around here!  love my peeps!  oh! i am also on a serious mission to get my long hair back… so the blow dryer and flat iron have been put away, and i’m going the natural way with these crazy curls of mine!  we’ve been having what feels like 100% humidity the past few days… so curls work perfectly!  wish me luck 🙂

we made it through…

…all of the snow and ice that february brought to us.  as miserable as that month was as far as the weather is concerned, it was also a very special month to me!  babe and i got engaged!! adriana bid farewell to diapers, we were snow bunnies on more than one occasion…. it wasn’t all bad… love my peeps.

feb 2 feb 3 feb 4 feb 5 feb 6 feb 7 feb 8 feb 9 feb 10

feb 1feb 11 feb 12 feb 13 feb 14 feb


february… all in all you were a good month, but we are ready for the spring time around here so, farewell!

january is already over?

it is hard to believe how fast january went by! here is a little recap of some of my favorite happenings from the first month of 2015!














i always feel really thankful looking back over a month full of happy moments… as fun as january was, i am happy to be one month closer to spring!

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