oh hey!  i am pretty embarrassed at myself for going soooo long in between posts! i was all set to dive back into the blog world as if i had never really left it [like the last time] … fail.  life just has a way of leaving no extra time for the fun things!  plenty of time to stress about finances & the never ending to do list though!  ugh.

well, one day last week, on a gorgeous 75 degree february day… yes!!! 75 degrees in february!!! we decided to make some time for said fun things.  adriana & i drove into philadelphia (or “philly-delphia as my sweet little babe calls it)! for some quality time with our seesha which we never seem to get enough of! aside from crazy city traffic, getting there was relatively easy and made me question why i don’t do it more often… we are fortunate with where we live… right outside of philadelphia, a short car/train ride to new york city and washington dc… oh yeah, now i remember… limited time for fun things!

my sister works in a super cute office in center city – she’s so posh these days!  so, we toured her office and then went to lunch.  we wanted to eat outside because hello! 75 degrees outside!! so we settled on this adorable place called little nonna’s.  my goodness, the food was soooo good!!!  the outside seating area was seriously adorable and i already want to go back!  it was fun to watch my little lady be all adult like at the restaurant… i swear she is a city girl at heart!  we walked endless amounts of blocks and not one complaint out of her!  keep in mind when we are at home she can hardly make it around the block without saying she’s “tired of walking!” … on the ride home she told me all of the reasons she could live in ‘phillydelphia’ …

  1. she loves tall buidings with elevators
  2. she likes people and to watch them (me too, sista! and there’s no better place for that then a crowded city!)
  3. there’s “lots of restaurants and places to shop”

…pretty sure she has city life nailed down… aside from it being super expensive and way too far from me!!!

i love my people!! xo


let me just say that weekends around here always seem to go by waaayy too fast… before i know it they are over.  i don’t think that i am alone in that feeling.  there just is never enough time to fit in all of the things that we want to do… and when we do find the time to do all of those things…. there isn’t enough down time to just relax and enjoy “doing nothing” … i shouldn’t complain though, busy or relaxing i wouldn’t trade the people i am doing it with for anything!

saturday morning we had the amazing idea to have a beach day!  we set off on our journey to the jersey shore at 8 am only to find traffic every single way we turned… it was a horrific experience.  after 2 hours of solid traffic we turned around and met my mom & linda in atlantic city.  this is not our typical destination with kids, however, we were pleasantly surprised at how “kid friendly” it actually was! (please note that we stayed in the resort and did not venture out onto the streets… we aren’t that crazy!) the kids enjoyed a “rooftop pool” which they thought was pretty spectacular, not to mention my new found fishy adriana would not get out of the water!!! followed by dinner at jimmy buffet’s restaurant, landshark  (if you ever find yourself there, you must order the fish tacos…. they were perfection, seriously!!) we sat outside on the deck right next to the live band which the girls took full advantage of… they danced so much that the band referred to them as the “landshark dancers” … it was so cute! the girls loved it, of course! … we ended our impromptu trip with rides on the boardwalk and hermit crabs.  the start of the day was stressful, and the thought of driving to the beach again gives me heart populations…. but with that aside, it was a perfect little day and something we want to do again, this time traffic free, hopefully!

pool2poollandsharklandshark3landshark2landshark dancersridesrides2


how cute are these little people?! ah… they make my heart so happy!

in the swing of summer

summer is well underway and we have been enjoying every moment of it! this past friday my mom & i took adriana to storybook land! this place is the cutest.  we took adriana there back in 2013 and she loved it!  the carousel was her jam… aside from that she isn’t big on rides yet… so this park is perfect for her.  plus it has the sweetest theme and i used to go there when i was a kid! love.

on saturday, danny & i [finally] went golfing!  we have been wanting to for a while, but haven’t had the chance.  plus every weekend seems to be pretty steamy, so we have been opting for the beach instead (no complaints here!) we tried the rookery south for the first time and really liked it.  babe of course did really well and me… not so much… but it was a lot of fun!  after that we picnicked and watched some fireworks… it was a great day!

storybook landstorybookland2storybookland3storybookland4then & now…

20132015thenandnowgolfingbabyyourafireworksummer… you may have humidity, but i still love you… i don’t care what danny says!!

summer days…

park park2 park4 park5 park3pool1pool2

now that the kids are done school for the summer, it is safe to say that summer is officially here for us… (even if the calendar doesn’t agree!).

the girls and i went to a nearby park and had such a good time… first time was spent doing normal “park activities”, swinging, sliding – the usual… but then maeve wanted to show us a stream that was through the woods, so off we went!  for some background, normally adriana is pretty fearful of outside of the box sort of things.  she doesn’t really love trying new things that appear scary at first, so i wasn’t sure how she was going to react as we were climbing our way through the trees and rocks to get to this stream.  after a couple hesitations she did awesome!  climbing on the rocks, dipping her toes in the water… having so much fun!  i never have to worry about maeve, she is fearless and was like a little monkey hopping over those rocks… and there was adriana right behind her!  i was so proud of her and we all can’t wait to go back!  weather permitting we plan to have a picnic lunch there tomorrow on one of the huge rocks… should be interesting!

they all seem to love the pool we have [thanks grammy!] … so we are definitely finding fun things to do around here!  … don’t get me wrong, it’s not all rainbows and unicorns over here… the girls definitely bicker and nick does plenty of eye rolling at them… but seeing their happy faces and listening to them laugh and act like little hooligan’s makes the annoying times seem not so bad.

i am looking forward to summer 2015, so many fun things ahead for us! xo

what a weekend it was…

…jam packed is an understatement when describing our memorial day weekend.  we did it all! birthday bbq, beach trip, more bbq-ing… it was great!  maeve is turning 8 this coming saturday, so we had a party for her over the weekend… it was nice being able to  spend time with family and friends and to celebrate one of the most precious little girls in the world!  we made cupcakes, had cake…. danny was grilling, there were s’mores and bubbles… puppies frolicking in the yard, and the most perfect weather.

we did our annual memorial day weekend beach trip on sunday, and despite it being a little on the cooler side (thanks wind!) the kids still had a blast.  we went to cape may for the first time this year and were very impressed!  what a cute little town, and the beach was so beautiful!  … and that is saying something for a new jersey beach!

we finished the holiday weekend outside with more grilling, relaxing and enjoying the freedom that we are so lucky to have!




a peek at our 2014 memorial day beach trip…



time sure does fly! xo

happy, happy birthday maevey!! we love you so much!!


farm life [take two]

last august adriana & i (along with my mom ‘grammy’ and linda) went to a farm in new jersey… it really is the most adorable little place. they have everything from horses, to goats, chickens, pigs, ponies!! … all precious little animals that nana adores.  last year however, she was a little too afraid to get on the pony… stage fright i guess.  most of the animals were almost at eye level for her and she wasn’t totally having it.  (grammy tried to show her the pony wasn’t scary… it didn’t change adriana’s mind but did allow me to get a priceless picture!!)  the goats they have are very friendly but are “fainting goats“… which means when they get startled, they will faint… they don’t lose consciousness… but will fall over onto their sides… well, as soon as my mom stepped into the pen, one fainted!! it was the [second] funniest part of our trip!

pictures from our visit last year:



the trip we had today was a totally different story!  adriana couldn’t have been more thrilled about all things farm!!  she fed the pigs, the goats, and could not get enough of the pony ride! we walked all through the stables and stopped to pet each horse… she was amazed at how big they were but didn’t show an ounce of fear.  watching her give them all treats was the sweetest thing.  the goats were pretty impatient and kept trying to stick their heads in the food bag… hearing her say “be patient goats!! i’m trying to feed you!” was the cutest… (and a taste of her own medicine for her little ms. impatient self!)

on the way home she told me she wanted to have a farm at our house… i asked her what animals she wanted to have and she said “horses, ponies, goats & elephants.”  … i’m not sure where elephants came from, but nonetheless this girl is ready for life on the farm! i can’t wait to bring her back again!! **the goats didn’t faint again this year… however there was one that was pretty frightened the entire time… he kept his distance from us.

pigs2 pigs









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