summer happenings… as of late

graduation libraryweddingpoppielunchkidspizzabellevuemaeveadrianaso far the month of june so far has been pretty eventful!  nicky graduated from 5th grade!  there have been numerous library visits, a beautiful wedding, some nana & poppie bff time [they are seriously adorable together!! heart – melt.], dates with my mini at starbucks, beach lunch date with my babe, grammy & linda, porch watching thunderstorms, some twinning (love that!), pizza making and then my personal favorite… lakeside photoshooting with my two favorite beauties!  of course there has been so much in between all of that… there really is never a dull moment around here!  love my peeps!  oh! i am also on a serious mission to get my long hair back… so the blow dryer and flat iron have been put away, and i’m going the natural way with these crazy curls of mine!  we’ve been having what feels like 100% humidity the past few days… so curls work perfectly!  wish me luck 🙂

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