it happened.  i turned 32 years old just a couple of weeks ago… i can’t even believe it.  i am so old!

i don’t know what it is about birthday’s though, but i have always loved them!  not so much the ‘happy birthday’ song, that’s a little odd… but the overall excitement that surrounds a birthday is just fun in my opinion.

on my actual day of birth we went to dinner at my new fav restaurant scalessa’s  [again] because i love it and it really is that good!  they have these gorgeous pink flowered trees that line the street in front of the restaurant and ever since danny and i went the week before i was dreaming about getting a little family pic under the pretty blossoms…. but! as my luck would have it, it rained pretty much the entire day and most of the petals made there way to the ground and it was not ideal picture taking weather. don’t worry, that didn’t stop me from forcing this little fam of mine to pose for a picture.  some members of said fam may or may not have been very thrilled. oops.  the girls still made the most of it and threw the petals in the air which made for a really cute pic, but also very itchy eyes. ugh, spring!!

luckily the following weekend it was finally somewhat nice!  a little humid… but no rain, so i’ll take it.  babe and i went to one of our fav places – penns woods winery !! my birthday wish [demand].  if you haven’t been there before you reeeeeeally need to check it out.  the wine is really good – something for everyone, sweet, dry and in between.  & the best part! they have live music on most weekends so you can just sit outside under the trees, overlooking the winery and sip your favorite wine – who wouldn’t like that?!  it was very nice, and relaxing.  a perfect belated birthday weekend with my love.

here’s to making year 32 the best one yet! xo


weekending and birthday celebrating


popcorn movie date on a chilly, rainy friday with my favorite little mini… tinker bell and winnie the pooh movies all day… love! // saturday morning beverages while netflix binging with that husband of mine // couch cuddles with our new blankets that were a must purchase because i was fah-reezing all day long (good idea, babe!) // even lola joined in on the couch cuddle action… and there may or may not have been a nap squeezed in during said cuddle time // two of my most favorite humans on this planet doing their normal adorable thing each time we are there visiting // sister pic with the little nana nugget // partial family pic with the birthday boy // complete heart meltage after taking a gander at this pic and seeing the love that is shared between my poppie and nana, ah… too sweet for words.

happy, happy birthday [yesterday] to my sweet, adorable poppie!  we sure do love you!!

what a weekend it was…

…jam packed is an understatement when describing our memorial day weekend.  we did it all! birthday bbq, beach trip, more bbq-ing… it was great!  maeve is turning 8 this coming saturday, so we had a party for her over the weekend… it was nice being able to  spend time with family and friends and to celebrate one of the most precious little girls in the world!  we made cupcakes, had cake…. danny was grilling, there were s’mores and bubbles… puppies frolicking in the yard, and the most perfect weather.

we did our annual memorial day weekend beach trip on sunday, and despite it being a little on the cooler side (thanks wind!) the kids still had a blast.  we went to cape may for the first time this year and were very impressed!  what a cute little town, and the beach was so beautiful!  … and that is saying something for a new jersey beach!

we finished the holiday weekend outside with more grilling, relaxing and enjoying the freedom that we are so lucky to have!




a peek at our 2014 memorial day beach trip…



time sure does fly! xo

happy, happy birthday maevey!! we love you so much!!


30… can it be?

it is no secret that i have always been a major birthday person.  they are so fun!  Whether it’s mine, or someone else’s… i love them.  it’s a time for family and friends to get together, celebrate… take lots of pictures (woo!) and just enjoy a special day that is all your own.

this april 24th birthday was a big one for me, 3o. ahh…. 30!! i can’t even believe it.  not to long ago one of my most favorite people gave me some advice about turning the big 3-0… she said that “the thirties are where it’s at.”  i didn’t understand at first, and she went on to say that by the time you are 30, you have so much more of your life figured out.  You are where you want to be, things are much more settled… your looks don’t really change throughout the decade… it was a fabulous pep talk, and she is so right! so i am embracing 30 and am so excited with all of the amazing things that this year will hold for my family and i.

the birthday celebrations certainly did not disappoint this year!  they seemed to stretch almost the entire month… which of course is fine by me!! from an atlantic city weekend, to a birthday party at home, to a way too short weekend in florida… this birthday was my most favorite and memorable one yet.  i am so thankful for everyone who made it so special… danny, my love!! mom and linda… my precious three little people… you all are the very very best!!

here’s a look at the crazy birthday month of april (and a couple days of may!)




birthday fun!

yesterday we celebrated nonna’s birthday in bethlehem!  of course it was way to cold for the kids to play outside in the snow… but they still had so much fun.  nonna had special valentine’s day treats for them, and jackson was there… they were in heaven!  oh, and of course birthday cake.





the kids are always so sad when it’s time to go… but another trip will be happening again soon!

we love you nonna, happy happy birthday!

january is already over?

it is hard to believe how fast january went by! here is a little recap of some of my favorite happenings from the first month of 2015!














i always feel really thankful looking back over a month full of happy moments… as fun as january was, i am happy to be one month closer to spring!

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