this past weekend, after a long hiatus (hiatus meaning give or take 17 years for me!) – babe and i decided to go ice skating!  keep in mind he is pretty much perfection on a pair of skates from all of his years playing ice hockey… me on the other hand… i think i saw a 5 year old or two whizzing past me! i was pretty horrifying, BUT it was still!!

we went to blue cross riverrink winterfest in philadelphia… it was adorable.  outdoor ice skating right on the water… everything was still pretty festive with lights and decor… fire pits, a lodge… it was the perfect place for a date night.  not to mention that danny was pretty much the most perfect date considering his incredible patience with my lack of ice skating skill and his tolerance for the crowd… that man does not enjoy a crowded place!  but!  we had the best time, and i love love trying new things with him.

winterfest skate

sunday was a much needed lazy day… which consisted of grocery shopping, football and me having the worst cold – but, cold aside… it was nice to have a day with a somewhat clear schedule.


oh danny, you make life fun.  i love you!

my most favorite day, and weekend…


we did it!! danny & i tied the knot this past saturday on the beach in cape may, nj!  i had been having slight panic attacks leading up to the day thanks to the weather reports saying it was going to rain all day long… (just what a beach weeding needs) but! it ended up being gorgeous… well, the first part of the day anyway.  our ceremony began at 12:30 pm and the rain started 5 minutes after it ended (they say that’s good luck, right?! – or maybe they just say that to bride’s to help with their emotional state, who knows… either way, it was perfect!).

it was everything we had envisioned the weekend [and day] to be… surrounded by all of our family and closest friends, spending the entire weekend together celebrating… it was great.  barefoot on the beach with an acoustic guitar playing some of our favorite songs surrounded by the people we love most, my two favorite girls at the last minute walking me down the aisle, and danny writing the most beautiful vows… it was very, very special.  we had our reception at the seasalt restaurant and they really did the most fabulous job!  the food was ah-mazing, the ambience and location was just what we had wanted.

i found myself reflecting on the ride home as the kids were passed out in the backseat at just how lucky i am and how much i didn’t want the weekend to end.  from pool days, to walks on the beach, sleepovers with the girls practically assaulting me in their sleep, all the love that our family and friends made us feel by their generosity and kindness all throughout the weekend, to marrying my very best friend… does it get any better than that? so, i will count every rain drop as luck and be thankful every day for this wonderful family of mine and for my danny… the love of my life.

at the reception my sister handed me my cell phone, i was confused because i had purposely left it in the hotel room.  she explained that adriana insisted she bring it because i would want to take pictures… (i swear that little nugget knows me best!!) … so after an hour or so i whipped out the phone and seemed to go on a selfie mission!  so thank you, my little nana (and seesha!) for bringing my phone and allowing me to capture moments of the day… dan’s dad flew in from tucson, arizona for the wedding and was also our photographer… so me being able to take a few shots of my own bought my new father in law a little extra time without my harassing him for the pictures!

here is a glimpse of our perfect wedding weekend… i feel so so blessed and thankful to be married to the most wonderful man.  i love you danny, and i love love our beautiful family. xo

wedding weekend2weddingweekend1weddingweekend3weddingweekend4weddingweekend5weddingweekend7weddingweekend6weddingweekend8weddingweekend9weddingweekend10weddingweekend11weddingweekend12 weddingweekend16weddingweekend13weddingweekend14weddingweekend17


“Well the sun is surely sinking down, but the moon is slowly rising.
So this old world must still be spinning round and I still love you.”

in the swing of summer

summer is well underway and we have been enjoying every moment of it! this past friday my mom & i took adriana to storybook land! this place is the cutest.  we took adriana there back in 2013 and she loved it!  the carousel was her jam… aside from that she isn’t big on rides yet… so this park is perfect for her.  plus it has the sweetest theme and i used to go there when i was a kid! love.

on saturday, danny & i [finally] went golfing!  we have been wanting to for a while, but haven’t had the chance.  plus every weekend seems to be pretty steamy, so we have been opting for the beach instead (no complaints here!) we tried the rookery south for the first time and really liked it.  babe of course did really well and me… not so much… but it was a lot of fun!  after that we picnicked and watched some fireworks… it was a great day!

storybook landstorybookland2storybookland3storybookland4then & now…

20132015thenandnowgolfingbabyyourafireworksummer… you may have humidity, but i still love you… i don’t care what danny says!!

house of cards binge watching, beachin’ it, gazpacho making…

…basically how we spent our last weekend of may in a nutshell.  and it was fantastic!  friday night babe and i decided to lay low… he grilled the best chicken to date and i made the sides… then we watched our final 3 episodes of this season of house of cards.  so sad that it’s over… we stretched it out for as long as we possibly could… and now we have to wait until next year for it to come back.  lame.

saturday we had the most perfect beach day in cape may, nj.  barely a cloud in the sky, just the right amount of breeze… it was glorious.  i even got danny to take a few “selfies” with me (not an easy task!) but he was a good sport and even did a kissy pic… he must love me!  we were planning on doing beach day round 2 on sunday… but ended up getting a little too crispy on saturday to do it all over again on sunday!

do you like gazpacho?  we really do but have never made it ourselves… so, since the beach trip was cancelled we decided to give it a try! we followed this recipe, and made a few tweaks of our own, nothing major.  after what felt like hours dicing and mincing vegetables, the outcome was so worth it! we had it with our dinner and it was the perfect side dish. however it was really filling, so it could have almost been the main dish!  we did that along with errands, laundry, yard work, dog walking, and suit shopping for the wedding!! all in all a very successful sunday and weekend.



thanks for another great weekend, babe.  i love you!! xo

30… can it be?

it is no secret that i have always been a major birthday person.  they are so fun!  Whether it’s mine, or someone else’s… i love them.  it’s a time for family and friends to get together, celebrate… take lots of pictures (woo!) and just enjoy a special day that is all your own.

this april 24th birthday was a big one for me, 3o. ahh…. 30!! i can’t even believe it.  not to long ago one of my most favorite people gave me some advice about turning the big 3-0… she said that “the thirties are where it’s at.”  i didn’t understand at first, and she went on to say that by the time you are 30, you have so much more of your life figured out.  You are where you want to be, things are much more settled… your looks don’t really change throughout the decade… it was a fabulous pep talk, and she is so right! so i am embracing 30 and am so excited with all of the amazing things that this year will hold for my family and i.

the birthday celebrations certainly did not disappoint this year!  they seemed to stretch almost the entire month… which of course is fine by me!! from an atlantic city weekend, to a birthday party at home, to a way too short weekend in florida… this birthday was my most favorite and memorable one yet.  i am so thankful for everyone who made it so special… danny, my love!! mom and linda… my precious three little people… you all are the very very best!!

here’s a look at the crazy birthday month of april (and a couple days of may!)




the weekend

like most weekends, this one seemed to go by extremely fast… but babe and i managed to have so much fun!  we walked around booth’s corner farmers market… it’s such an interesting little place.  we bought hammond’s pretzels which are amazing, meats, cheese, pickles!!! (my person fav)… i gawked at the puppies for way too long, and then because i couldn’t resist… we bought girl scout cookies from a very determined little group of scouts!

for the first time in a while the temperature broke 50 degrees! you would have thought it was summer around here… so, we brought lola on a couple long walks each day… it was great.  i forgot how nice feeling the sun was! kidding, i could never forget something so wonderful… but now the temperature needs to bump up 20 more degrees or so, then i’ll be extra happy.

we also found some time for a dexter marathon (thanks netflix!), had a dance party in the kitchen with lola, took a random trip to the dollar store, mimosa and screwdriver’s, puppy and kitty naps, and danny worked on our desk that he’s building because he’s the best.

here’s a look at our weekend in pictures… because i can’t help but take a million:

farmers market

farmers market 2

farmers market 3






love… it is the best feeling!


friday favorites

new york city

new york city.  there is so much i could say about this place… there is something just magical about it.   how could you not love it there?  danny and i have been a bunch of times now and each time we have so much fun… there is so much to do and see!  new restaurants to try, different places to stay, amazing people watching… we love it.  while we do love trying something new each time we go, there is one restaurant/bar that is always a must visit each time we go… gossip bar and restaurant , our favorite.  we stumbled upon this place before going to see a taping of the colbert report, and we were not disappointed!  it is definitely our place.


last fall we brought maeve and nick there for a day trip and had a great time!  they were super excited for the subway and i think riding in the cab made their whole day… but other than transportation we went to the central park zoo, had lunch, went to see the freedom tower… walked in the rain, it was great!



one thing i have always wanted to do is see the tree at rockefeller center at christmas.  each year we make the plan and then the craziness of the holidays kicks in and it gets pushed till next year… but not in 2014!  danny and i went for the night and it is one of my most favorite memories… not only did we see the tree, but we also saw les miserables on broadway, it is our favorite broadway show.  it definitely did not disappoint… it was just amazing… i highly recommend seeing it!  it was my first time seeing a show on broadway, and i can’t wait to go again.





i can’t wait to go again… hopefully we can get a weekend trip in this coming spring or summer… one thing on the list that we really want to do is visit the brooklyn brewery!!  we are so fortunate to live so close to such a gorgeous city… and i will never take it for granted!


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