this past weekend, after a long hiatus (hiatus meaning give or take 17 years for me!) – babe and i decided to go ice skating!  keep in mind he is pretty much perfection on a pair of skates from all of his years playing ice hockey… me on the other hand… i think i saw a 5 year old or two whizzing past me! i was pretty horrifying, BUT it was still!!

we went to blue cross riverrink winterfest in philadelphia… it was adorable.  outdoor ice skating right on the water… everything was still pretty festive with lights and decor… fire pits, a lodge… it was the perfect place for a date night.  not to mention that danny was pretty much the most perfect date considering his incredible patience with my lack of ice skating skill and his tolerance for the crowd… that man does not enjoy a crowded place!  but!  we had the best time, and i love love trying new things with him.

winterfest skate

sunday was a much needed lazy day… which consisted of grocery shopping, football and me having the worst cold – but, cold aside… it was nice to have a day with a somewhat clear schedule.


oh danny, you make life fun.  i love you!

weekending as newlyweds…

weekends always seem to go by so fast, don’t they?  they start out and before i know it, they’re over.  this weekend danny & i celebrated our one week anniversary! ok, so we didn’t actually have a real 1 week anniversary celebration, because that would be slightly obsessive (even for me!).  but babe did plan a special friday date night for us!  it consisted of some of my favorite things… indian food at our favorite indian restaurant, followed by martini night caps! and not just any martini, but the limoncello martini which can be found at one of our other favorite places, and is ah-mazing. ah! still thinking about it and it’s deliciousness!

saturday was equally as fabulous…. we ran errands, booked our honeymoon and did some wine tasting at penns woods winery.  this winery was so unexpectedly relaxing and fun!  after our tasting we sat outside overlooking the vineyard and a wedding that was setting up in the distance, there was a live band, food trucks… it was so nice.  it didn’t hurt that the weather was perfection…. just like my date!  we will definitely be doing that again (soon!).

indiagrille vm winery

oh weekends… can’t you last just a little longer?!!

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