it happened.  i turned 32 years old just a couple of weeks ago… i can’t even believe it.  i am so old!

i don’t know what it is about birthday’s though, but i have always loved them!  not so much the ‘happy birthday’ song, that’s a little odd… but the overall excitement that surrounds a birthday is just fun in my opinion.

on my actual day of birth we went to dinner at my new fav restaurant scalessa’s  [again] because i love it and it really is that good!  they have these gorgeous pink flowered trees that line the street in front of the restaurant and ever since danny and i went the week before i was dreaming about getting a little family pic under the pretty blossoms…. but! as my luck would have it, it rained pretty much the entire day and most of the petals made there way to the ground and it was not ideal picture taking weather. don’t worry, that didn’t stop me from forcing this little fam of mine to pose for a picture.  some members of said fam may or may not have been very thrilled. oops.  the girls still made the most of it and threw the petals in the air which made for a really cute pic, but also very itchy eyes. ugh, spring!!

luckily the following weekend it was finally somewhat nice!  a little humid… but no rain, so i’ll take it.  babe and i went to one of our fav places – penns woods winery !! my birthday wish [demand].  if you haven’t been there before you reeeeeeally need to check it out.  the wine is really good – something for everyone, sweet, dry and in between.  & the best part! they have live music on most weekends so you can just sit outside under the trees, overlooking the winery and sip your favorite wine – who wouldn’t like that?!  it was very nice, and relaxing.  a perfect belated birthday weekend with my love.

here’s to making year 32 the best one yet! xo


our easter weekend

i must say that this past weekend was probably one of my most favorites in a while!  holidays normally have a way of doing that, and this easter did not disappoint!  we hosted a little dinner party at our house on good friday and what really made the night special was my poppie was able to come!! he hasn’t been feeling well and leaving the house can be challenging… so having him there was so special.  i just love him so much!  not to mention we had little photoshoots which will go down as one of my all time most fav activities!!! it’s not every day all the girls are together, so when we are it needs to be documented/celebrated!  the only thing missing were maeve and nick who are vacationing with their mom this week (lucky ducks!).

oh!  saturday… we discovered my new most favorite restaurant… scalessa’s … why oh why was this not place in existence when babe and i lived walking distance from there!? ugh, isn’t that the way?  but now it’s just a quick car ride and i plan on visiting it quite frequently because the food was aaaaamazing!!! i am sad i don’t have a picture to document the amazingness that was our dining experience…. next time i’ll take one of those goofy pictures of my food that i catch so many people doing before they start eating… it’s corny… but would have been worth it now looking back!

as i’m typing this i’m realizing just how jam packed this weekend was… there was a weekly donut date with my tiniest bunny, easter egg dying, GOLFING with danny… probably the highlight of his weekend… minus the mother of all blisters he got (poor babe) but the weather!! ohhh the weather!!!!! 87 degrees? no humidity? please and thank you all day every day!! , there was also a pricey trip to iron hill brewery… which started off as a good idea because the weather was gorgeous but as soon as we sat down at our table outside the sun went in and the wind kicked up… WHY!!?!,  seesha and jarratt came over and things got a little wild with music playing/dancing… i may or may not have played my fav fool in the rain one too many times… (sorry about that peeps!)  i woke up monday morning with an interesting search history and some very odd songs downloaded that i now own… ay yi yi… but that must mean we had fun, right?!

this time of year is just my fav! things are warming up, all the trees have pretty blooms (like the one in our front yard…love!), on the negative side my allergies are slapping me in the face which is not fun but such is life.  next up is my birthday where i will be turning 25!!!! (plus 7) …. waaaah!


it’s the most wonderful time of the year…

IMG_1204… does it get any cozier than a fire with pretty christmas decorations all around it? love! …

TREE… our first family hayride to a tree farm to cut down the perfect tree followed by smores by the fire!  aside from getting stuck in the field, it was a great experience  …

prettytree… even lola has been enjoying the christmas tree! …

peddlersvillage…fun little adventure’s with babe (to peddler’s village – beautiful!)

christmasmorning… christmas morning with my little bunny…


gigis… family time at gigi & poppies… love them so so much, i can’t find the words to express just how much …

gun… danny & maeve may or may not enjoy nick’s bb gun more than he does! …

withsanta… and of course, the season could not pass without a visit to santa…

christmas really is the most wonderful time of the year… even with the crazy long lines, ridiculous traffic, questionable songs (grandma got run over by a reindeer, really?!) there is just something so special about it!  all of the pretty lights, it being totally acceptable to have cookies with your coffee for breakfast…. watching the movie elf almost every night and of course… a christmas story on repeat christmas day… amazing!  it’s hard to believe that it’s already come and gone… and that in a few short days it will be 2016!! how did that even happen??!

i wish there was a way to just slooowwww everything down… to be able to actually enjoy moments without them flying by so quickly… but, that is life… go, go, go!!

but let me just add one thing, the temperature decided to hover around 70 degrees for the weeks surrounding christmas and i have to say that i am totally okay with it!  we didn’t have a white christmas… and i know some will argue that it didn’t feel like christmas because we were in short sleeves and flip flops (danny) …. but! i was a fan.  they say blizzards are coming in february… so you won’t catch me complaining about some current unseasonable weather!

oh christmas of 2015, you were a good one!

this time of year…

fall1 fall2 fall3 fall4 fall5 fall6 fall7

oh fall, it’s a kooky time of the year – isn’t it?

to some it means fashion week… to some it means the return of hockey [miss you already, husband!] … to others it means all things pumpkin spice and really all things pumpkin, pronto! … and of course the return of dreaded allergies – the worst.

but in my little world, it means…

…my fav wardrobe ensamble – jeans, long sleeves and flip flops! i also do not discriminate on the shorts and long sleeve look…. also a favorite.

…but, once it starts to get just a liiiiitle too nippy for flips, the boots return and that is a look i love.  i’m a little late to the party but, boot socks may just be my jam this year.

…each night saying in horror “it’s only 6:30?! and it’s already DARK out!!” ew, this may be my least favorite thing. november 1st… not looking forward to you.

…but, oh the smell of apple cinnamon all throughout our house snaps me right out of my seasonal affective disorder! (can you believe that’s a real thing?)

…trips to linvilla orchards.. gosh, i love that place!  however i will say it’s best to go early in the season… because the longer you wait, the crazier ‘pumpkinland’ becomes!

…and of course it means figuring out each new day and season with my precious peeps. i love them a ridiculously huge amount and each new season brings such fun things for them to experience and even for us to enjoy as their parents.  watching them search for the perfect pumpkin, or hop into a pile of crunchy leaves makes my heart so happy!  [i could do without watching them eat candy apples though… it’s not a pretty sight!]

…hmm, what else… oh! fires in the fire pit in our backyard on a cool night, pretty fall flowers, how gorgeous the trees look before the leaves fall, annual new hope trip [possibly], football!, and of course… thanksgiving!


my most favorite day, and weekend…


we did it!! danny & i tied the knot this past saturday on the beach in cape may, nj!  i had been having slight panic attacks leading up to the day thanks to the weather reports saying it was going to rain all day long… (just what a beach weeding needs) but! it ended up being gorgeous… well, the first part of the day anyway.  our ceremony began at 12:30 pm and the rain started 5 minutes after it ended (they say that’s good luck, right?! – or maybe they just say that to bride’s to help with their emotional state, who knows… either way, it was perfect!).

it was everything we had envisioned the weekend [and day] to be… surrounded by all of our family and closest friends, spending the entire weekend together celebrating… it was great.  barefoot on the beach with an acoustic guitar playing some of our favorite songs surrounded by the people we love most, my two favorite girls at the last minute walking me down the aisle, and danny writing the most beautiful vows… it was very, very special.  we had our reception at the seasalt restaurant and they really did the most fabulous job!  the food was ah-mazing, the ambience and location was just what we had wanted.

i found myself reflecting on the ride home as the kids were passed out in the backseat at just how lucky i am and how much i didn’t want the weekend to end.  from pool days, to walks on the beach, sleepovers with the girls practically assaulting me in their sleep, all the love that our family and friends made us feel by their generosity and kindness all throughout the weekend, to marrying my very best friend… does it get any better than that? so, i will count every rain drop as luck and be thankful every day for this wonderful family of mine and for my danny… the love of my life.

at the reception my sister handed me my cell phone, i was confused because i had purposely left it in the hotel room.  she explained that adriana insisted she bring it because i would want to take pictures… (i swear that little nugget knows me best!!) … so after an hour or so i whipped out the phone and seemed to go on a selfie mission!  so thank you, my little nana (and seesha!) for bringing my phone and allowing me to capture moments of the day… dan’s dad flew in from tucson, arizona for the wedding and was also our photographer… so me being able to take a few shots of my own bought my new father in law a little extra time without my harassing him for the pictures!

here is a glimpse of our perfect wedding weekend… i feel so so blessed and thankful to be married to the most wonderful man.  i love you danny, and i love love our beautiful family. xo

wedding weekend2weddingweekend1weddingweekend3weddingweekend4weddingweekend5weddingweekend7weddingweekend6weddingweekend8weddingweekend9weddingweekend10weddingweekend11weddingweekend12 weddingweekend16weddingweekend13weddingweekend14weddingweekend17


“Well the sun is surely sinking down, but the moon is slowly rising.
So this old world must still be spinning round and I still love you.”

a weekend in the poconos

plp14we spent this past weekend in the poconos with danny’s family and it was so nice.  his aunt and uncle own a beautiful piece of property nestled in the woods of the pocono lake preserve.  i have never been much of an outdoorsy person… i tend to prefer sandy beaches to mossy woods… but what i learned this weekend is that even the girliest of girls (me!) can appreciate the beauty of nature.  it doesn’t hurt that where we were staying is far from “roughing it” … their camp is beautiful and not quite like any place i have ever seen!  the kids had the best time… there was so much for them to do!  we could barely get them out of the lake, they really loved it.  we also had an early birthday celebration for danny, made smores, had quite the ping pong game going…. it was a lot of fun.

our weekend was spent doing exactly what i love most… making memories with my most favorite people & i can’t wait to do it again and again.



sunshine is the best medicine


there really is something to be said about the beach.  rain or shine, it is so beautiful and calming to the soul!  my little fam & i spent 5 [short] days in ocean city, nj and it was just.so.nice!!  danny’s mom is generous enough to get a beach house each year for everyone to enjoy (thanks, nonna!), the kids had the best time… and so did we!

a lot happened in those 5 precious days… adriana overcame her fear of the ocean… (finally!!), we had a front row view of a really cool thunderstorm – my first time seeing one live at the beach, the girls had their very first sleepover together, which is pretty exciting stuff for them considering it was adriana’s very first sleepover and they have been asking to have one for the longest time! …  we had a boardwalk night which consisted of rides, ice cream, candy… late nights, early mornings, made new, wonderful friends… attempted to fly a kite (unsuccessfully), did some night fishing, photoshooted, star gazed on the beach… and most importantly spent quality time with my favorites.

ocnj1 ocnj2 ocnj3 ocnj4 ocnj5 ocnj6 ocnj7 ocnj8


i am so, so grateful for my people!

feelin’ lucky…


just the other day i found my very first four leaf clover!  i can remember looking for them as a child, but never until this day did i find one of my own.  i thought maybe today will be my lucky day!  then i realized how silly i sounded… there are so many things that exist in my day to day life already that i have to feel ‘lucky’ about.  i have an incredible family, i’m engaged to the love of my life – my health is great (knock on wood!), we have a roof over our heads … and so many other little things that are so easily taken for granted.  so thank you little clover for reminding me that i am pretty lucky all of the time!

sappy mom things…

“a mother’s love for her child is like nothing else in the world.  it knows no law, no pity, it dares all things and crushes down remorselessly all things that stand in its path.” -agatha christie

i read this quote today and instantly thought of my nana girl, and how incredibly true it was.  don’t get me wrong, there are times when i am driven to the brink of insanity, but it never could change how i feel.  and now with maeve and nick in my life, i am reminded even more of how strong love can be.  they are all the center of my crazy world and i wouldn’t have it any other way.  school is ending and summer is here (finally!!) and i am so looking forward to spending time with my most favorite peeps… they keep us on our toes, that is for sure!


what a weekend it was…

…jam packed is an understatement when describing our memorial day weekend.  we did it all! birthday bbq, beach trip, more bbq-ing… it was great!  maeve is turning 8 this coming saturday, so we had a party for her over the weekend… it was nice being able to  spend time with family and friends and to celebrate one of the most precious little girls in the world!  we made cupcakes, had cake…. danny was grilling, there were s’mores and bubbles… puppies frolicking in the yard, and the most perfect weather.

we did our annual memorial day weekend beach trip on sunday, and despite it being a little on the cooler side (thanks wind!) the kids still had a blast.  we went to cape may for the first time this year and were very impressed!  what a cute little town, and the beach was so beautiful!  … and that is saying something for a new jersey beach!

we finished the holiday weekend outside with more grilling, relaxing and enjoying the freedom that we are so lucky to have!




a peek at our 2014 memorial day beach trip…



time sure does fly! xo

happy, happy birthday maevey!! we love you so much!!


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