meet ollie

ollie!  our teeny tiny spunky little ball of kitten fluff.  we rescued this guy a little over two weeks ago and he has quickly taken over our household! a customer of concord pet foods & supplies found him and his two siblings in a basement window well covered in snow [and frost bite… oh my breaking heart!!!] & brought them to the store hoping someone would adopt them.  we took one look at his cute little tiny baby face and could not say no!!  even though i had kind of swore to myself we would never have a cat again… the litter, the destroying of furniture, the cattitude… it’s no bueno but all of that went right out the window pretty darn quickly!

for a week or so we weren’t sure if he was a boy or girl because of how tiny he was… we soon learned he was in fact a boy and the kids really liked the name oliver… so we settled on shortening it to ollie!  however, he may never learn his name because he rarely is referred to by it.  danny insists on calling him “fieri” due to his obsession with guy fieri, i for some reason have just been calling him baby because he’s cute and small like a baby and it just fits… the kids call him “kitten” … this poor cat may never answer to a name!  oh well.. that’s ok, right?

let me just say that lola and the kitten have truly bonded… i never realized how good of a dog lola was until i saw how she treats the kitten!  so patient and gentle… allows him to steal her bed, drink her water… paw her face to death… it’s all love between those two and!!!!!

so, it is official – we have a new addition to our crazy clan and i couldn’t be happier [or more obsessed] with him!! ollie baby, you are so loved!  let the crazy cat lady shenanigans begin!

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