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lola park park2 park3 picnic

today is g.o.r.g.e.o.u.s.!!! a little breezy… but can you really complain about a sunny 60 degree day in february?!  i certainly am not!  it has been so nice to open some windows and get the fresh air in (which hasn’t happened since christmas, which is kind of weird considering it shouldn’t have been that warm that day either… also not something i am complaining about!)

we are fortunate enough to live near some really great state parksbellevue being one of my favs!  it’s so pretty with the trees, lake… and usually the place we have our photoshoots! so naturally it was the perfect place for our picnic today… even lola came with us!  the kids had a great time and this little weather tease was just what i needed to help with my normal february funk.

they say march is ‘coming in like a lamb’ this year… soooo happy about that little proverb!

happy sunday!

farewell, summer…

sad but true… it is time to say adios to my favorite season. sure, it may be filled with days of insanely high humidity, mosquito’s and sunburns… but the good things still out weigh the bad. such as, the beach!! ah! sandy toes and salty air – love x’s 1,000,000!!! it’s light outside until almost 9pm, flip flops, no heavy jackets and shivering… sun tans! everyone looks better with a tan, it’s just the way it is.  i could really go on and on but then i will just depress myself further!

i will say there are some things about fall that i adore… apple smelling candles, the crisp [but not frigid!!] air, football, hockey!, introducing boots back into the fashion rotation, and of course thanksgiving. the problem is, we typically never get a real fall around here anymore it seems… it goes from 89 degrees down to 40 without any in between… prettyyyy annoying if you ask me!

here is a look back at our summer of 2015 – memorial day through labor day … we managed to fit so much into a [too] short amount of time!

summer15 summer152 summer153 summer154 summer155 summer156 summer157 summer158 summer159 summer1510 summer1511 summer1512 summer1513 summer1514 summer1515 summer1516 summer1517 summer1518 summer1519 summer1520 summer1521 summer1522 summer1523 summer1524 summer1525 summer1526 summer1527 summer1528

oh summer, you will so be missed!!!!

happy monday!

if i could kiss the weather today, i totally would! it is gorgeous today!!  upper 70’s… no humidity, light breeze and sunshine – my fav. no but really, it’s fabulous!

my little lovebug and i decided to take advantage of the nice weather and spend the morning at the park.  we picnicked,  she played, we ‘photoshooted’ … it was great!  watching her become a little less scared, and much more willing to try new things makes my heart so happy!  she even attempted the monkey bars today… but, still too small for them… for now!

i am definitely cherishing these little moments with this growing girl… she is constantly making me laugh, and smile, and be a big pile of mush!  but that’s what being a mommy is all about, right?

lunch lunch2park2I am so looking forward to tonight! Maeve and Nick will be with us… my babe will be grilling, we are going to have a fire in the fire pit… a glass of rose (or two) … it will be great!  love my people… they make all the negative things in this world so much more tolerable!!


a little pic from my perfect beach day with this stud over the weekend… love him!

summer days…

park park2 park4 park5 park3pool1pool2

now that the kids are done school for the summer, it is safe to say that summer is officially here for us… (even if the calendar doesn’t agree!).

the girls and i went to a nearby park and had such a good time… first time was spent doing normal “park activities”, swinging, sliding – the usual… but then maeve wanted to show us a stream that was through the woods, so off we went!  for some background, normally adriana is pretty fearful of outside of the box sort of things.  she doesn’t really love trying new things that appear scary at first, so i wasn’t sure how she was going to react as we were climbing our way through the trees and rocks to get to this stream.  after a couple hesitations she did awesome!  climbing on the rocks, dipping her toes in the water… having so much fun!  i never have to worry about maeve, she is fearless and was like a little monkey hopping over those rocks… and there was adriana right behind her!  i was so proud of her and we all can’t wait to go back!  weather permitting we plan to have a picnic lunch there tomorrow on one of the huge rocks… should be interesting!

they all seem to love the pool we have [thanks grammy!] … so we are definitely finding fun things to do around here!  … don’t get me wrong, it’s not all rainbows and unicorns over here… the girls definitely bicker and nick does plenty of eye rolling at them… but seeing their happy faces and listening to them laugh and act like little hooligan’s makes the annoying times seem not so bad.

i am looking forward to summer 2015, so many fun things ahead for us! xo

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