oh hey!  i am pretty embarrassed at myself for going soooo long in between posts! i was all set to dive back into the blog world as if i had never really left it [like the last time] … fail.  life just has a way of leaving no extra time for the fun things!  plenty of time to stress about finances & the never ending to do list though!  ugh.

well, one day last week, on a gorgeous 75 degree february day… yes!!! 75 degrees in february!!! we decided to make some time for said fun things.  adriana & i drove into philadelphia (or “philly-delphia as my sweet little babe calls it)! for some quality time with our seesha which we never seem to get enough of! aside from crazy city traffic, getting there was relatively easy and made me question why i don’t do it more often… we are fortunate with where we live… right outside of philadelphia, a short car/train ride to new york city and washington dc… oh yeah, now i remember… limited time for fun things!

my sister works in a super cute office in center city – she’s so posh these days!  so, we toured her office and then went to lunch.  we wanted to eat outside because hello! 75 degrees outside!! so we settled on this adorable place called little nonna’s.  my goodness, the food was soooo good!!!  the outside seating area was seriously adorable and i already want to go back!  it was fun to watch my little lady be all adult like at the restaurant… i swear she is a city girl at heart!  we walked endless amounts of blocks and not one complaint out of her!  keep in mind when we are at home she can hardly make it around the block without saying she’s “tired of walking!” … on the ride home she told me all of the reasons she could live in ‘phillydelphia’ …

  1. she loves tall buidings with elevators
  2. she likes people and to watch them (me too, sista! and there’s no better place for that then a crowded city!)
  3. there’s “lots of restaurants and places to shop”

…pretty sure she has city life nailed down… aside from it being super expensive and way too far from me!!!

i love my people!! xo

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