halloween 2016!

ok so, I took what seemed to be a never ending hiatus from this whole blog thing BUT i i think that i am back!  life just got super crazy for a little while there and i never was able to find the time… and when i finally did have the “time” there were 25 other things that needed the attention. ugh, life – i swear!!!  but then one day i randomly clicked on this little blog link of mine through my instagram and smiled as i looked back on all of the past happenings of my said crazy life and realized that i missed it!  so, here goes… blogging round 2.

anyway…. halloween 2016!!!


we had a butterfly fairy princess, a black kitty cat, & marty mcfly! how cute are they?!

as of late in my adult life i have drifted from being a halloween lover…. i mean don’t get me wrong, i love fall and all of the fun, festive activities… but my day of dressing up in halloween costumes is certainly over.  but that doesn’t mean i can’t live vicariously through these 3 little bunnies, right?! right!

this year we didn’t have maeve and nick to trick or treat with…. but we did have school parades!  adriana was with us and this was the first year where she was super into it… from picking the costume (btw pottery barn kids, you are amazing!) to insanely running from door to door… she was all about it!   it was really cute to watch and made walking around in the cold not so bad.  even lola got in on the action… not even against her will!  she was a purple butterfly just like adriana… danny refused to hold her leash but i can’t really say that i blame him… not very “manly”! ha!

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halloween 2016, you were a good one.  now i just need to get rid of all of the candy that’s in this house because good lord there is a ton…. and considering adriana is super picky with the kind she likes, it leaves A LOT for me to eat & that is just not a good thing.

peace out halloween, hello thanksgiving!!

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