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normally after 24″ of snow (or any snowfall amount for that matter) you would find me complaining and totally over it… but!! i do not have said attitude juuuuuust yet.  which, who even am i saying something like that?!  my skin is dry, my fingers are frozen, and let’s not even talk about my lack of suntan… all things that normally would send me over the ‘i hate winter’ edge! but… not yet. for now i am enjoying the insane amount of snow, the warm, cozy fires my babe has been making, the fort making, and how much adriana is over the moon in love with the snow!!  me, i have never been much of a snow person… but watching that girl make her snow angels and say on repeat how happy she is while playing in it is making me turn the corner… i think… for now anyway… ask me in february if i still love it and my answer may be a bit different!

actually, my answer would probably be different right now if poor danny hadn’t shoveled for 2+ hours this morning… thanks babe!!  i tried to snap a pic of his hard work, but he wasn’t having it… as you can see in the picture above!

nana & i attempted to make our first snowman…. he turned out…. interesting, to say the least. he has been named “stumpy” clearly based on his appearance!  my snowman making skills are in need of some serious help… it’s pretty bad.

there is one thing that i realized this morning (aside from how terrible i am at building snowmen) … that i need to bite the bullet and invest in actual snow boots.  love my hunter boots to death, but they are certainly not made for the snow… which i learned the hard way today because my toes may still be frozen from hours ago! i have my eye on these… love, love, loveeee!

to sum it all up…. thank you winter storm jonas for falling on a weekend, thank you danny for being the best, most adorable curmudgeon husband a girl could ask for, and nana! thank you for making me feel like a kid again with your contagious childish glee!  love love love you two!


friday favorites

spring!!! today is officially the first day of spring but it sure doesn’t feel that way. yes, it is snowing here… again!! winter just does not want to give up.  but, i am hopeful that this is it’s last hoorah and soon there will be flowers and sunshine and the snow will be long gone!  fingers are crossed.


(a picture of our backyard currently… and the snow is still falling) 

aside from these past couple of cold days, the weather here has been very spring like!  55 degrees felt like 80 and we were all loving it.  we were able to get outside and take walks, play in the woods, have a little lunch date with grammy & linda, adriana went to visit the easter bunny, we celebrated jackson turning 2! babe and i had a little margarita date, and of course made some festive green cookies for st. patty’s day with my 2 favorite girls!  it was a good week.

speaking of the easter bunny, i can’t believe how fast time is flying… i felt myself being far too sentimental over my 2012 picture of little nana on the bunny’s lap compared to this year.  how many more years will she be excited to get her pic snapped with that large (somewhat terrifying looking) bunny?!





playing in the woods







i can’t wait for all of the memories spring has in store for us… love my peeps!

we made it through…

…all of the snow and ice that february brought to us.  as miserable as that month was as far as the weather is concerned, it was also a very special month to me!  babe and i got engaged!! adriana bid farewell to diapers, we were snow bunnies on more than one occasion…. it wasn’t all bad… love my peeps.

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february… all in all you were a good month, but we are ready for the spring time around here so, farewell!

snow day

for once our local weather station predicted the right thing!  it doesn’t happen to often around here… but, just like they said we have about 4″ of snow on the ground, freezing temps and no school!  the past few days have been so cold that we really couldn’t even go outside, with a wind chill of -15, “playing outside” was just not happening.

but today, the wind gave up a little… so we put on 3 layers with snowsuits and tried to enjoy the powdery snow a little bit.  it took about 20 minutes to get dressed, and then we lasted about 10 minutes outside… which is just as well because i was frozen!! and the sledding was giving me heart failure.

now it’s lunch and pajama movie day around here! oh, and nick was trying to teach adriana how to play minecraft… probably the cutest thing i’ve witnessed in a while. well, until they decided to eat lunch and watch a movie together… too much cuteness for one day!






pajama day

we are definitely missing danny today… unfortunately he didn’t have a snow day with us.  but he was out there shoveling and cleaning the cars before he left.  thanks babe, we love you!!


january is already over?

it is hard to believe how fast january went by! here is a little recap of some of my favorite happenings from the first month of 2015!














i always feel really thankful looking back over a month full of happy moments… as fun as january was, i am happy to be one month closer to spring!

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